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Welcome to Larkhall Sub Aqua Club and the exciting sport of diving

The underwater world is a really fascinating environment, with much of it still unexplored. Even as an amateur you will see and find things that no one has seen before. We are very fortunate that Scotland’s waters are rich in marine life and have a wealth of dive sites, reefs, cliffs and lots of shipwrecks. With the right equipment and a good dry-suit it’s not even that cold, honest.

To enjoy the sport safely you have to be trained properly. Initially this takes place in the swimming pool where an instructor progressively puts you through your paces. You need to be in fairly good health and being able to swim certainly helps. As a taster we will give you a “try-a-dive” on your first night to let you experience breathing underwater. After that it’s swimming test and that’s you started the training. When you decide it’s the sport for you and you want to progress on to the aqualung training, we would ask you to join our club and the “Scottish Sub Aqua Club” our governing body. Depending on your enthusiasm and ability you could have your first dive in the sea in a couple of months. The club provides all the equipment for pool training and lets members borrow gear for “open water” training until they can afford to get their own.

We are an enthusiastic bunch of individuals, all with diverse interests in the sport. Some love wreck diving, others prefer scenic, most like going on dive trip’s abroad to the Red Sea and the Maldives. Underwater photography and video is very popular, see our gallery. The club has it’s own dive RIB for boat diving and trips are organised regularly. We can offer training courses in dive boat handling, VHF radio and first aid.


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